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Goslyn Environmental Systems

Member since 2016

Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International

1507 Palm Blvd
Isle of Palms, SC 29451
Phone: 301-675-6960
Fax: 843-501-0221
Contact: Dennis Samuelson

The Goslyn™ Automatic Grease Removal Device (AGRD) is designed to efficiently remove fats, oils & greases (FOG) from waste water before it's introduced into your plumbing and municipal sewer systems, eliminating blockage from grease buildup. AGRD's are an improved technology over passive grease interceptors, removing over 98% of the grease from the waste water via a simple, continuous "always on" ball valve operating under hydrostatic pressure. Eliminates pump-outs & blockage.